• What time is check-in, check-out time?
    Check-in time is from PM 2:00, and check-out is until AM 12:00.
  • How much is additional cost of personnel?
    No separate additional cost of personnel. Instead, an extra bed, a bunk bed for children and bedding added are charged with additional cost, and please inquire in advance whether they are available.
    1) extra bed (single, mobile)
    - Price: 25,000 won (charged per day)
    - Available rooms: Superior Double, Royal Suite
    2) bedding (covering bedclothes only)
    - Price: 15,000 won (per sheet)
    - Available rooms: all rooms possible
    3) bunk beds for children
    - Price: 30,000 won (charged per day)
    - Available rooms: Superior Double, Royal Suite
  • 온What is the difference between online reservation and telephone reservation?
    Online reservation is a path in which the customer reserves directly through the online booking site, and cancellation or change can be possible only through the online site on which you reserved. If you make phone reservation to the hotel directly, cancellation or change can be possible in the hotel reservation room.
  • Is a minibar available?
    Minibars, toothbrushes and toothpaste are not provided, but two bottled waters are provided daily.
  • Is laundry service available?
    We are sorry. Laundry service is not available.
  • What time and how much is breakfast?
    Breakfast is available with the price of 20,000 won for adults and 14,000 won for children (36 months - 8 years), and available time is AM 06:30 ~ AM 10:00 on weekdays, and AM 07:00 ~ AM 10:00 on weekend.
  • How many people are capable for each room?
    It depends on bed types, in the case of a single bed + a single bed guest room, it's 2 people, and in the case of a double bed + a single bed guest room, it can be up to 3 people.
    (In the case of a family of four accompanied by children, additional cost of personnel is not separately charged, but please understand in advance that guests may endure discomfort.)
  • Can wheelchairs be rented?
    If you call upon advance reservation, it can be rented.
  • What is the additional charge at the time of check-in, check-out extension?
    Based on the regulated check-in, check-out time (check-in PM 2:00, check out AM 12:00), 10,000 won per hour is charged.
  • When is the available reservation time?
    It is AM 9:00 ~ PM 6:00 Mon-Fri. (reservation room for guest rooms: 02-569-3840~1)
  • Can baby products be rented?
    Baby items are not ready.
  • Is a convenience store available?
    The convenience store (CU) on the first floor underground is available for 24 hours.
  • Is there a bathtub?
    There are in Royal Suite Room, Deluxe Room only, in the other rooms there are none.
  • What is the reservation refund policy?
    When cancelled until PM 6:00, 3 days before check-in, free,
    when cancelled until PM 6:00, 2 days before check-in, 30% of one night fee,
    when cancelled until PM 6:00, 1 day before check-in, 50% of one night fee,
    when cancelled or changed on the day of check-in, 100% of one night fee shall be charged.
  • What is the upgrade charge of Ocean View?
    It is 22,000 won per night. (advance reservation required)
  • How long does it take from the airport to the hotel
    1. by bus and taxi
    After coming out of exit 5, Jeju Airport, get on the bus 600 at the right airport limousine bus stop → get off at New Kyungnam Hotel (Jungmun), and get off at Seogwipo Dongmun rotary by taxi (total of 1 hour 30 minutes required) (bus fare: adults 5,500 won / youth 4,400 won / elementary school students 2,800 won) - one way basis

    2. by taxi from the airport directly
    time: about 1 hour required (get off at Seogwipo Dongmun rotary)
    ※ The time may vary depending on the road conditions.